Does greasing up artisan keycap switches make them less noisy?

So, we’re talking about artisan keycaps, those fancy keyboard accessories that are all about style. But here’s the point: what if I told you that what’s going on under those cool keycaps can actually change the way your keyboard sounds? Yep, we’re diving into the world of lubing your keyboard switches and its impact on sound.

Let’s Get Greasy

First things first, lubing is like giving your keyboard switches a little spa day. You apply this special slippery stuff (called lubricant) to your switches. The main goal? To make those switches move smoother and make less noise when you type. It’s like adding some silky, smooth moves to your typing experience.

The Sound of Lubed Keys

So, does lubing really change how your keyboard sounds? You bet, and here’s how:

Quiet as a Whisper

Lubing takes the edge off the loudness. When you hit a lubed key, it’s way quieter compared to an unlubed one. It’s like a ninja in stealth mode—silent and smooth.

A Different Vibe

Lubing can totally change the vibe of your keyboard’s sound. You know those keyboards that go “clickity-clack,” like Cherry MX Blues? Well, lubing makes that click less pronounced. Instead, you get a sound that’s more relaxed and even. It’s like going from a rock concert to a jazz club.

Smooth sailing

Lubing isn’t just about sound; it’s also about how the keys feel. It makes the keys glide more smoothly, making typing feel like a dream. It’s like going from a bumpy road to a smooth highway.

The Art of Lubing

But hold on; not all lubes are created equal. Different lubes have different thickness and feel. How you apply lube matters too. You’ve got to do it just right to get that sweet sound and feel you’re after.

It’s All About Preferences

Here’s the kicker: whether lubing is a sound game-changer or not depends on what you like. Some folks are all about that raw, unfiltered sound of unlubed keys.

They dig the authenticity of the classic keyboard clock. On the flip side, others swear by lubing because it makes their keyboard quieter and fancier.

Lubing Under Artisan Keycaps

Now, let’s talk about artisan keycaps. These things are like the rock stars of keycaps—they’re heavy and stylish. But sometimes, that weight can make noise when you type. Enter lubing.

When you lube your switches under artisan keycaps, you’re not just making them smoother; you’re also reducing the impact noise caused by those hefty keycaps. It’s like giving your rock star a better microphone—the show goes on, but it’s a bit more refined.

In a Nutshell

So, does lubing your keyboard switches under those fancy artisan keycaps change the sound? Yep, it does. It makes your keyboard quieter and smoother. But remember, whether that’s music to your ears or not depends on your style.

Some folks like it loud and proud, while others prefer it smooth and mellow. It’s all about making your keyboard sound and feel just the way you like it. So, go ahead, grease up those switches, and let your keyboard sing the song you want to hear. 🎶



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