How to Care for Your Hair Extensions: Tips and Tricks

Hair extensions are a wonderful method of lengthening, volumizing, and elongating your hair. Whether you go for clips-in, tape-in, sew-in, or fusion, proper aftercare is the key to maintaining the extensions in the desired look. Apply below mentioned tips and tricks to your hair extension care routine to make sure your extensions will look great and do their job of improving your hairstyle.

Choose Quality Extensions

Invest in high-quality hair extensions that are made of human hair due to their superior quality. A quality extension will have a natural look, will appear as if it is your hair, and will not face premature breakage with proper care. Synthetic extensions could be more affordable, but they won’t endure heat styling and they mostly will look not real.

Gentle Washing

Handle your hair extensions with delicacy by shampooing with sulfate-free products and conditioning. Do not wash them too often, as that will cause the natural oils to disappear, and the strands respectively become dry and brittle. When washing, gently apply the shampoo to the roots and rinse thoroughly without drying the extensions by mistake.

Detangle with Care

After you wash, use a comb with wide teeth or a special detangling brush for extensions that are designed for hair extensions to comb through any knots or tangles. Firstly, start removing the extensions from the ends and move up toward the scalp gradually. During this procedure, try to be gentle so as not to tear or damage the extensions.

Minimize Heat Styling

Although several extension types can withstand heat styling, unfortunately, you can overuse the hot tools and damage the extensions over time. Reduce high heat styling when feasible and apply a heat protector spray before using tools such as flat irons or curlers.

Protect While Sleeping

To avoid clogging and damage while sleeping, braid your hair or gather it into a loose ponytail before bedtime. You can also buy a satin or silk pillowcase that is softer than the typical cotton, and it will not scrub your hair or extensions as much.

Avoid Chlorine and Salt Water

Chlorine and seawater may not be friendly for hair extensions at all since they are inclined to become unusually dry and knotted hair. Make sure you have a protective swim cap on if you’re swimming in a pool or the ocean, or keep your hair tied up instead. After swimming, rinse your hair effectively with fresh water to eliminate any chlorine and salt.

Regular Maintenance

Make sure you leave time for regular maintenance appointments and your hairdresser can be certain your extensions comply with standards. They can trim any split ends, reapply the tapes or bonds if you need them to, and take your extensions for deep conditioning. This will keep the look of your natural hair.


Choosing the best human hair extension is not an easy job. To keep them in their original shape and color, their maintenance is a challenging matter. Using the tools and tips, you’re sure to keep your extensions in great condition. This means you’ll be able to wear your hair extensions with confidence for many months to come!



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